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Dahlia Society of South Australia


Most of our members are avid dahlia growers and sometimes breeders of new dahlia cultivars.  Our member’s exhibit flowers at Horticultural Shows and some also make blooms available for sale.


One of our other important activities in promoting the dahlia is through voluntary work in supporting the staff to maintain a dahlia bed in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens.  We have inherited a wonderful gene pool for this spectacular flower and are keen to preserve and improve the cultivars that have been passed on to us.


Our Meeting times

Meetings are held 3 times per year at a member’s home; please contact the Secretary for more details.

For tuber sales please contact either the President or Secretary who will be happy to assist with contact information.


The Dahlia Society of SA welcomes new members and is open to anyone wishing to increase their knowledge, enjoyment and appreciation of dahlias and the cultivation of dahlias in their home gardens.


As at May 2011, the subscription for membership to the Society is:
$10.00                 Single Membership
$12.00                 Family Membership
$20.00                 Affiliated Society’s
To join our Society, please write to the Secretary and indicate the type of membership you require and include relevant payment.


SA Dahlia Society Office Holders 2015-6



Neville Jaeschke  (08)85632146



Vice President

Gavin Woods (08)88213897


Elizabeth Jaeschke (08)85632146





Alan Carpenter





Photos from South Australia



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Tuber purchases

Quality dahlia tubers from the Dahlia Society of South Australia can be purchased through:


botanic gardesn south australia

Dahlias on display at the SA Botanical Gardens